Babies' Home is a private pregnancy reassurance ultrasound scanning service which provides you with a 4D / 2D Ultrasound scan of your unborn baby and an unforgettable bonding experience between you and your unborn baby. Babies' home captures both still and moving images of every scan and parents can receive these so they can treasure them forever. The sonographer will talk to you through every step and answer your questions. Recently fertility scan and measurement of cervical length scan have been added with all type of pregnancy scan. BABIES'HOME: Babies'Home is a private ultrasound scanning service based in London and west Midland. This independant private ultrasound scanning service is owned and run by Sharmina Yasmeen who has been working as a sonographer since 1996.She is a member of British Medical Ultrasound Society and society of Radiographer. She has been carried out thousands of ultrasound scan till today. The aim of Babies' Home is to provide accurate and to-the-point results of scans in the shortest time in order to ensure the medical practitionersmay then follow up diligently. The use of ultrasound is safe to examine the human body using high frequency sound waves. It helps to diagnose or monitor conditions of various parts and organs of the body. Unlike X-rays and other forms of radiation emitting methods, ultrasound does not carry any risks relating to radiation effects. Babies' Home follows strict clinical guidelines and protocols in carrying out the scanning procedures